Your Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting

11 January 2017

Tis’ the season for gift giving, and even though Christmas is well and truly over, the impact of your corporate gifts (or lack thereof) will likely be felt as everyone heads back to work.

The impression you make in December counts. It counts when your client remembers your kindness and sends you more work. It counts when your service provider works on your next project and goes above and beyond because they feel indebted. And it counts when your staff tells their family and friends how wonderful your company is.

At End2End Events, we think gift giving says something about your company. It makes an instant impression that stays in the mind of recipients long after they’ve opened it.

We’ve put together our 5 best tips to help you master the art of memorable gift giving:

(1)   Be meaningful

Your company has an origin. It has a history and a brand and a reason why it exists. The best corporate gifts give a little bit of you to your customers.

For example, did your company originate in Japan? Then consider gifting something of Japanese origin, or inscribing Japanese characters on the label.

Maybe your business exists to make customers happy. What gift would create an instant smile?

Or perhaps you are all about productivity. What gift tells recipients that you care about helping them be more productive?

Gifts that represent your company help reinforce your brand and message to everyone who receives them.

(2)   Choose longevity

Wine and chocolates are a safe play because almost everyone loves them. But after drinking and eating, the bottle and box go in the bin.

Instead (or as well as), consider novel gifts that stay on people’s desks or in their cars, offices, homes or on their walls long after the season ends.

The longer it lasts, the longer your kindness will be remembered.

(3)   Quality Wins

When it comes to purchasing your gifts, focus on quality suppliers that have a good reputation.

Quality gifts last longer. Cheap gifts die quickly and make you look cheap, saying something about the business.

For example, let’s say you buy 1,000 cheap stress balls and send them out to clients as a gift. Everyone loves them, and they end up on desks actually being used. But after just a week they begin cracking and falling apart. Not only do they get thrown out, but everyone then thinks you’re cheap for opting for a poor quality stress ball. When better quality stress balls were a mere 10c extra. Was avoiding spending $100 more really worth your loss in reputation?

Choose Quality every time! 

(4)   Brand everything

Seasonal gift giving is one of those rare opportunities when a company has the right to plaster their brand on everything and send it out to everyone – without seeming disingenuous.

Make the most of it and brand every gift you send out. Whether it’s via company stickers on a label, or properly branded corporate gifts (Research ‘Promotional Gifts’ online to find hundreds of local companies) don’t waste the chance to reinforce your company name, tagline and contact details.

(5)   Plan ahead

You should allow two months to plan your seasonal gift giving. i.e. Christmas gifting preparations should begin in early October.

It takes time to:

  1. Put together a list of recipients;
  2. Choose the gifts you want to give;
  3. Find the right suppliers;
  4. Purchase quality branded versions of your chosen gifts;
  5. Have them delivered to you;
  6. Re-package them with notes; and
  7. Send them out!

Don’t get stuck fumbling around last minute. Give yourself the gift of time.


Corporate gift giving may be an age-old tradition but it’s a great one!

Treat every season as the perfect opportunity to genuinely thank everyone for being part of your business – and to ensure that you will remain part of their business for years to come.

If you need help at any time of the year with corporate gift giving, End2End Events offers consultation and preparations services to help you get the most out of it.

Simply call us on 0415 523 159 to discuss your needs, or fill in the Contact form below.

Your Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifting


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