Winter Warming Events


Winter is a hard time of year for many people. The cold, harsh wind makes it hard to want to go outside, so we get less sunlight and can end up feeling a little depressed during June, July, and August.

But it doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom – especially if you have a few tricks up your sleeve to stay cosy while enjoying some of the beautiful winters can offer.

Here are a few of our favourite things to do in winter to keep the spirits up and the body warm!


Host an Event

Nothing kills depression like an event with good company, good music, and good conversation.

You don’t need a special occasion to host an event. Instead, simply create a great winter theme and invite people to be part of it!

Winter theme ideas could include:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Christmas in July (American style!)
  • Frozen
  • Ski cabin
  • Fire and ice
  • Cosy and romantic
  • Snowglobe
  • Snowman

Red wines, hearty soups, warm hors-d’oeuvres and toasted marshmallows make for a beautifully warm and inviting menu. Or, you could go all out with fake snow, white table settings, white wine, white fish, and so on to really jazz up the winter wonderland ambience.

If you don’t want to celebrate winter, you could always crank up the heat and put on a swanky summer affair – turning the indoors into your own Bahamas and letting everyone escape the cold outside for a few happy hours!

If you want to do Christmas in July Aussie style, you could put on a big indoor BBQ and set the mood as though it were a sizzling December day!

Get out on the town

There are so many things to do in winter, and most communities love to capitalise on winter themes to bring people together.

For example, this year Canberra is hosting Wintervention in the City, complete with winter lights, ice skating, displays, performances and more happening throughout July.

Melbourne also has Skating at Melbourne and the Firelight Festival to bring communities together despite the cold!

If you’re looking for events, keep an eye out for gala awards nights and community fundraising events. They’re often a great excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a night out while keeping warm and enjoying some great food and company. You may even be able to help by giving back and supporting a good cause.

Get out of Town

If you simply want to get away, look for an excuse to head to Europe, The Middle-East or The Americas. For example, you could hold a conference or team building getaway in a beautiful European or Mediterranean city, to allow yourself and your team to escape the cold for a few weeks.

Or, find out if you can work remotely for a couple of months and organise an extended vacation. Just because we’re freezing down under doesn’t mean it’s this cold everywhere else!

Right now, I’m enjoying a month-long working vacation, exploring Egypt and spending time with my nearest and dearest. To say it is hot here right now would be an understatement – it’s sweltering! But I’m grateful to escape the coldest Canberra month this year, and am sure that by the time I return I will be longing for a bit of a cool breeze!

To chat with an End2End team member about organising a themed event or special occasion to keep your winter blues away, call 0415 523 159 or complete the contact form by clicking here.