celebration events australia“Nothing can replace the warmth of family. Some people take it for granted, some people don’t even want it, whilst others are desperately longing for it.” Marwa Rida on family

My love for bringing people together to celebrate stems from my childhood memories of the gatherings and celebrations I witnessed as a child. Pictured above is one of many family celebrations I attended with my big Egyptian family as a child.

I recall the warmth of family and friends and the get togethers over big meals for special occasions and non-occasions! It is that legacy and the love of connecting people that has stayed with me even though I now live at the other side of the globe to my big Egyptian family.

And now as an event designer, event planner and community leader, I know that for humans to function at their best, they need to feel loved, connected, and that they actually matter to their family and community.

Take a moment and ask yourself. What are you doing this year to ensure you stay connected with those that matter in your family and community? Below are our Top 3 Tips to stay connected.

  • Make Time for those that Matter

Whether you have to plan an 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th or 70th or a special dinner for two to celebrate your loved one. Making time for those you love is the best way to stay connected and show you care. And remember people don’t need extra things but they do need to feel they are loved and that they matter.

The same applies for business environments. Whether you are celebrating 10, 15, 20 or 30 years in business. Reward those high performing and loyal employees by ensuring their efforts do Not go unnoticed by Management and Team

  • Celebrate those that Matter

Not all celebrations have to be big to be meaningful. Sometimes the best celebrations are the most intimate ones that have big meaning!

To ensure you show your care for those that matter. Celebrate them their way. Whether it’s taking them out to their favourite restaurant, organising a ready-made hamper at their favourite picnic spot or booking them in for that special cooking class or personal styling session . Make sure it’s all about them for their special celebration.

Same applies to business environments , always ensure you celebrate your high performing employees in a manner they would appreciate, like organising golf day incentives or go-karting!

  • Show Gratitude, tell them They Matter

It might seem simple and yet a lot of people don’t hear it enough. “Thank you, you are amazing, the world is a better place because of you!”

When was the last time, you told someone you love, how much you love them? When was the last time you told someone you work with how much of a difference they are making in your life?
As humans we might take lots of things and people for granted because we are too busy going on with our everyday grind, until one day we wake up and realise that the person, we thought we’d always have beside us is gone, and it’s too late to tell them how much they meant to us.

Bring a Smile to someone’s face today by telling them and showing them that they matter. Whether that person is a partner, a family member, a friend or a colleague

And if you need help organising a small intimate celebration, special occasion, incentive or retreat  to show your care. Contact The friendly End2End Team for an obligation free chat 0415 523 159 or simply fill out the contact form below.

Happy Celebrating!