What to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue

11 September 2016

Finding the perfect venue for your event can be one of the most time-consuming and overwhelming parts of event planning.

There are loads of options – from community halls to function rooms, rented office spaces, restaurants, hotels and more. And the more options you explore, the easier it is to get bogged down by the sheer volume of possibilities.

To save you time (and truckloads of stress!), we have put together a list of 5 things to consider, before you go in search of the perfect venue:


  1. How many people are you expecting?

Obviously, not everyone that you invite to an event will show up. And there is nothing worse than having a large room only half-full of people, or a small room with nowhere to sit.

Before you begin your venue search, make a note that you are looking for somewhere that will comfortably house 80% of your total invite list.

This will help you narrow your options to suitable-sized locations that will work well, regardless of whether all of your invitees attend, or only half are able to make it.


  1. What type of venue are they expecting?

Consider your guests. Who are they? Where would they like to be seen? Where would they like to avoid?

For example, if you are expecting parents with kids, then a safe, fenced or playful area is ideal. A community centre that includes access to a fenced playground, a party room in a play centre, or a park with seating and play equipment are ideal choices.

If you are expecting young adults, somewhere hip and trendy with easy access to public transport and close proximity to an ongoing fun evening could be a perfect choice.

If you are planning an elegant evening, you might consider a function room in a prestigious hotel where people are greeted with valet parking and can book a beautiful room for the evening.

You wouldn’t book an old hotel for a funky new product launch, and you wouldn’t book a funky, modern space for a sophisticated ball. So considering what your guests expect of the event prior to your venue search will help you choose somewhere truly appropriate.


  1. What is the ideal location?

Many people opt for a central location (such as the CBD) for events, simply because they believe that a neutral location will suit most people. But this isn’t always the case, particularly if there is limited access to parking, or the CBD is far for the majority of attendees. A city function can often be a hassle for many.

To choose an ideal part of town for your event, ask yourself two questions: Where are people coming from, and where are they going afterwards?

If they’re coming from work in the City, then staying in the City to attend the event is easy. If they’re coming from the home, then consider that the majority will want to drive, and access to parking should be a priority.

If the majority live on the northside, stick with venues in central locations on the north side. The same applies if the majority are on the southside.


  1. What is your budget?

Event venues usually have two ways of charging: per space, or per head. Rarely will you have to pay for both.

Venues that charge for space Only may include an open area with a kitchen or buffet section, bathrooms, seating, and possibly a sound system. They do not provide food or drinks inclusive of higher costs. That is usually left to you to organise or charged for per head as an additional cost atop the venue hire.

Venues that charge per head are offering to fully service your function – from linen to seating, tables, wait staff, canapés, food and drink. They may assist you with your Audiovisual requirements and may offer an MC and usually have an in-house event coordinator to assist you with your event. This is usually more apparent in 5-star hotels whom have contracts with preferred suppliers and have necessary staffing

Deciding which type of venue to use depends entirely upon your budget. You can book places that charge as little as $150 to rent out a room or space. Venues that charge per head are normally much more expensive (as more is included), with a minimum cost of around $45 per head.

Do the math and work out in advance which type of venue hire is right for you.


  1. When are you holding the event?

What time of day is your event? What month? What season?

Think outside the box and consider venues that may only be open in particular seasons, or who may have an interest in offering seasonal-themed spaces.

Be wary of locations that may seem like a good idea at first, but because of the time of year become far less enjoyable on the day. I.e.: the winter months make an outdoor barbeque less enjoyable when everyone is freezing and the grass is still wet from the frost.

A corporate event at the top of a mountain may seem like a beautiful idea, but in 40 degrees January heat may result in half of your guests’ fainting!

Planning for comfort and ease is essential – regardless of whether you are planning a 200-person black tie event or a 20-person dinner party.


If you need help choosing a suitable venue for your upcoming event or function, then contact the team at End2End Events. We have been helping our clients lock-in amazing venues and locations for many years and can help you choose the perfect venue to suit your budget, required a theme, style and occasion of the event. Call us on 02 6280 9356 for an obligation free chat about your upcoming event.

What to Consider When Choosing an Event Venue


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