A Question we tend to ask ourselves frequesntly at this time of year. Should I go to the work Christmas Party or skip it this year?

Christmas Parties are in full blast in the nation and they seem to be gaining popularity by the minute! From traditional lunches to cocktails and seated dinners and the untraditional themed designer event aimed at providing attendees with an exceptional experience.

The party season kicks off in Australia with Christmas parties taking place as early as Mid-November, with the average person being invited to 5 – 10 parties from Mid – November to Mid- December.

A Christmas / End of Year Party is really your workplaces’ way of thanking you for your hard work for the year that’s gone and ensuring you end the year on a fun note and leave you even more connected to your place of work before you start the new year.

If you’re thinking of skipping the work Christmas Party, this year. Think again, you should definitely make time to socialise with your colleagues and community members at your upcoming party and be sure to prioritise your health and sanity during the busy end of year period, whilst managing your workload, deadlines, family commitments and all other.

To help you have fun this party season. We’re sharing our Top Three Tips to ensure your Christmas party is fun for all the right reasons:

1- Be Selective with who you hang around with at the party

You are Not for everyone and everyone is Not for you. Find your Tribe.

Select the people that you hang out with, carefully. People tend to get along with others who share common interests, backgrounds, beliefs and goals. You’re bound to have a good time at the party if you hang around like-minded individuals. That does not mean you can’t be friendly with everyone else attending the party. Read the room and be sure you are friendly and you welcome people into your crowd, especially if you see they are hanging out alone.

2- Have Fun at your Party of Choice

If you have decided to attend a Christmas party or two. Be sure to have fun. From dressing in theme if it’s a themed party to having a fun attitude at the actual party.

Having fun usually involves participating in the party activities, the dancing, the singing and other opportunities provided by the host on the night.

If you don’t participate you will feel left out and that’s No fun, don’t be a party pooper!

3- Drink Responsibly

Chose what you drink wisely, some people go to a party thinking it’s an opportunity to over drink. Don’t, especially if it’s a work function. You don’t want photos of you in an ill state all over Social Media or your work newsletter. You also don’t want the after party being too vague to remember and ending up in a stranger’s home instead of your own!

Pace yourself and remember to hydrate with H2O for every drink you consume, and if you don’t want to drink at all, don’t let peer pressure get to you. It’s ok Not to drink. Enjoy a Non-Alcoholic drink instead. We love this new innovative Non-Alcoholic Drink Menu by Altina Drinks a social enterprise aiming to change the drinking culture in Australia.

And if you are in charge of organising your next Christmas party, social, get together or other type of team bonding activity or celebration and you don’t know where to start. Contact our friendly End2End team on 0415 523 159 for an obligation free chat or use the contact form below.