Thinking of starting a Business in 2018? Here’s how I did it.


The start of the year is often the time that we resolve to change something, or start something new, in our lives. Whether you call it “New Year’s Resolutions” or simply your goals for the year, January invites us to take stock and take action on a long-standing dream or desire.

If one of your dreams has been to start your own business, but you lack the confidence to take those first steps, it often helps to hear stories from other business owners who weren’t sure if they could do it either.

It wasn’t exactly New Year when I finally worked up the courage to start End2End Events. But it did take a life event to propel me to take action on something I had wanted to do for as long as I could remember…

My story

It was 2014, and I had been thinking about starting a business for some time. People always tell you to do something you love and are good at, and for me, that was bringing people together and helping them have a really great time!

Having never run a business before and spending the majority of my career in admin and accounting roles, I wasn’t sure if I had “what it takes” – which led to a great deal of procrastination.

In May of that year, I had a nasty accident. I fell off my bike and copped some bad scratches and a broken wrist. At the time, I thought nothing could be worse than the pain…until I tried to manage life with a broken bone. For 12 weeks, I struggled to cook, clean, shop, and look after my kids with only one arm. Needless to say, it forced me to re-think the things in life that I had previously thought were too hard!

With a little bit more confidence and way more determination, I sat down and made a plan. My daughter’s 6th birthday was coming up the end of June, and it was the perfect event to test my skills and wow all of her friend’s parents at the same time.

I launched End2End Events with a “Frozen” themed birthday party, held in the Gungahlin Community Centre. Despite my broken right wrist, I still managed to hand-make most of the partyware (back then, Frozen partyware was a rare commodity!), we celebrated with a lolly buffet and lots of themed games and entertainment. It was an absolute hit!

Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster of excitement, joy, stress and a fair few sleepless nights. But I could not have made a better decision and I am grateful every day that I am working in an industry I love so dearly.

You don’t need to be the most experienced, confident or well-connected person in the world. But you do need to believe in yourself and your idea, and take action.

The only thing standing in your way is You! Make a plan today and start taking the steps you need to get your new business off the ground. If you’re anything like me, you definitely won’t regret it!

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