Take a moment and make a moment…


As you read this, take a moment to consider what is around you, rather than what is in your direct line of sight. Sip that warmed beverage, or simply take a deeper breath. Take a moment and make a moment from it.

You are now the proud owner of a sense of occasion – a sense that keeps on giving.

The sense of occasion makes an enormous difference to your special occasion. Moments are turned into memories, as Hillary Cooper’s famous quote says, ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away’

Autumn in Canberra is a spectacular time of year with hot-air balloons creating a blissful sense of occasion over Lake Burley-Griffin and The Night Noodle Markets and Enlighten Festival creating an amazing sense of occasion for the senses… All in celebration of The Best that Canberra has to offer.

At End2End Events we love working with you to create that special sense of occasion we are renowned for, that is sure to make your next event a stand-out. I have created my five favourite tips on hosting a special event by spoiling the senses.

Five tips to spoil the senses:

1. Time
Beyond the obvious of when and where an event takes place, there is the opportunity to set the scene for your special occasion. Create an atmosphere from the outset where Guests know exactly what, where, when and why they are attending.
It is always my privilege to add special touches that make up the how and the who of the equation, and the occasion.
My tip here is to know these basic questions as a starting point for any occasion. And to always be aware that, timing, is everything.

2. Theme
Every event has a place in time. Only the best have a theme.

This is where the role of the professional event planner stands apart. I am always looking at how to tell a story through an event. The theme is where I take over and look at a range of worldly and historical influences that give events meaning and character all the while relating it back to individuals’ interests and business objectives. The list of potential themes is endless even for those who are not into themed events. Their character is their theme!

3. Visuals
People don’t often need to ask me what I do. They can see what I do!

Every event I manage takes advantage of visual elements. I see them as fine-tuning options, but they are my personal set of WOW factor pieces that ensure the occasion matches its surrounds. I also know that a visual element extends to having surround sound. There’s no point having an event if you can’t hear them knocking to come in!

4. Variety
You may have heard the saying that reminds us to not put all our eggs in one basket. The same can be said for creating variety at your event by not putting all your guests in one room.

This simple but ever so effective measure of creating variety is an atmospheric multiplier. An invitation could ask your guest to be greeted with a cocktail in the foyer on arrival before enchantment in the formal dining area for appetisers. A band creates an extra layer for liaisons but not before, during and after the main course and dessert.
Adding whatever touches, you want while keeping it varied but simple will ensure your next corporate, embassy or community function attendees benefit from how variety really is the spice of life.

5. Momento
With the array of mobile devices these days, it’s easy to ignore having a record of an event that truly marks the occasion.

When you attend any major sporting or musical event, there is always a link on social media platforms for you to ‘check in’. It provides a link to the moment. Social media aside, any event is not memorable unless you are in at least one photograph of the occasion. So be sure to Snap that Selfie, or hire a photographer for a more cherished momento.

Lastly, you may not be looking to make the weekly social pages, but occasions are special moments that we live for. We all know how they slip by so quickly, especially if you spend those precious moments worrying about all of the details.

Trusting an event professional to assist with your special occasion is the key to actually enjoying your experience. The team at End2End Events is ready to talk about what you want and how we can create your very own sense of occasion.