The setup, decorations, the staff costumes and music created a very special mood and ambience for sharing food, vibrant conversations and new friendships to bud… The food was very delicious and, in such abundance, that I will not be hungry for a while. The Um Ali dessert was like “resistance is useless”

Barbara H.
Egypt on a Plate

img_2857The Winter Solopreneur was fantastic! Good wine, great people and amazing food! The large canapes were phenomenal, real gourmet flavours. The artisan chocolates were out of this world and the chocolate fountain was just showing off. There was plenty of interesting people to meet and the games and costumes really made the night something novel. I wish all networking events were this good.

Dr Kal Lentile
CMD Director - Ki Acupuncture

img_2971Nobody knows how to create an event like the experts at end2end events, so it was no surprise to me that the Winter Solopreneur was a visual and taste sensation, as well as a really fun night! The hosts attention to detail made me feel as though I was stepping into another time and being treated to a luxurious experience. The food and wine were outstanding, the company was fantastic and the event provided a great networking opportunity. I would highly recommend you attend a Solopreneur event hosted by end2end events if you have not already done so!

Sally Dooley
Facilitator, Executive Coach, Speaker

shaneThe best thing about the Winter Solopreneur hosted by End2End was being able to connect with motivated small business owners in an atmosphere created for fun and purpose. The host’s eye for detail was evident from the calibre of catering and entertainment that were enjoyed by all. A Solopreneur event is for those looking for quality in networking.

Shane Brookman
Optometrist, Capital Eye

FullSizeRenderI attended The Winter Solopreneur Event hosted by End2End Events in June 2016. I loved it! What a classy enjoyable night – and different from other networking events. What I enjoyed most at the Solopreneur event was the fun vibe created by the theme and the attention to detail on activities that help people engage and connect. The night provided quality food, a sample of interesting drinks and varied entertainment. As a small business owner it was a great way of connecting and getting immersed in an amazing event experience. Definitely a ‘showcase’ of what you can do in Canberra to inspire enjoyable experiences.

Libby Henderson-Kelly
ICMI Speakers and Entertainers

StuartEnd2End hosted a fantastic event with their Winter Solopreneur evening. It was easy to see that the host had every aspect of the event carefully planned for, from the choice of venue, theme, styling, food and drinks and the entertainment. It made for a great opportunity to connect and build a network with other small businesses in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Stuart Strutt-Shotton
Owner/Chocolatier - Enigma Fine Chocolates

janeI attended The First Canberra Solopreneur Event hosted by End2End Events in December 2015. What I enjoyed most at the Solopreneur event is the fun vibe created by the theme and the idea that you get to network in a fun environment and meet likeminded solopreneurs. End2End treated us with great food, drink and entertainment. As a small business owner it can be sometimes hard to connect with others as we are too busy running our businesses. An event specifically catering to us and for us is a great way of connecting

Jane Allen
Styledge Image Consulting

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