Rustic Kitchen Tea

This simply irresistible ‘Rustic Kitchen Tea’ was inspired by nature and native plants available in The Nation’s Capital at that time of year.

Inspired colour pallet of red, orange, yellow, green with earthy tones and textures tied the theme beautifully together whilst recycled timber furniture and a Customised Welcome sign thanks to our friends at Naturally Ingrained Designs added that extra layer to an intimate event.

The use of Eucalyptus branches and leaves throughout the styling to bring out the bride-to-be’s simplistic approach to life and her love of nature, with colourful paper daisies in milk bottles set in sets of threes brought that sense of joy to the occasion. Wreaths wrapped in vine floating in the pool resembled engagement rings.

With our famous E2E Rustic Cheese and Nut Station, a crowd favourite and No one could resist the amazing dessert station items by La Ombre Creations and Cakes of your Dreams. Hot and Cold food buffet was The Canberra Lebanese community contribution with middle-eastern desserts to top-off an amazing Kitchen Tea with all elements designed and styled by End2End Events.