Ramadan Table Styling 2019

Ramadan is a time of reflection, of commitment of sacrifice of showing love to family, friends and community, whilst helping the many people in our community in need of help. Breaking the fast and sharing meals throughout the holy month of fasting is a highlight of the month. Ramadan occurs for 29 – 30 days and is determined by observance of the moon and runs according to The Arabic calendar.

The Egyptian Rural Table Style and Design by End2End Events is inspired by Marwa Rida’s Egyptian Heritage paying tribute to the rural parts of Egypt also known as The Egyptian Countryside. Rural communities in Egypt can be found from the delta and Nile valley all the way to The High Dam of Aswan. A typical rural village is surrounded by cultivated fields and is known for its ‘field to table’ approach to cooking and dining, not to mention the big connection to family and community that Egyptians are renown for!

Marwa believes that the best way to bridge cultural gaps and create harmony within our diverse Australian communities is by sharing a meal and connecting over food and drink. Ramadan provides the perfect opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds to come together to celebrate the month of fasting and forgiveness whilst indulging in good conversation and hearty meals.

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