Planning a Destination Event

Planning a Destination Event
Planning a Destination Event

Destination Events can be an exciting way to create a memorable event experience.

There are many reasons to plan an event in an overseas or popular destination, such as:

  • Neutral location for guests travelling from overseas
  • Add interest and excitement
  • Change of scenery
  • Cultural exposure

A Destination Event can be based on just about anything – from a conference or convention to a festival or a corporate retreat. And as well as being exciting for guests, they can be incredibly beneficial for the destination. Some cities thrive on event tourism, which helps stimulate the local economy by providing revenue for businesses and jobs for locals.

When considering destinations for your next event, you are really only limited by your imagination! You could hold your event in New Zealand, Singapore, South America, Denmark, Malaysia, Fiji, Egypt, Japan, France, The US or UK.

Closer to home, Kangaroo Islands and Norfolk Island aren’t always an obvious choice but provide a unique and tranquil backdrop that takes guests out of their comfort zone and allows them to become immersed in an event experience.

If you are considering a Destination Event, here are a few tips to ensure success…

Do your research

Before you book, make sure you do your research about the country and area you intend to visit.

There’s plenty of information online, but you’ll need to understand:

  • Local culture (including cultural sensitivities)
  • Customs
  • Holidays
  • Frequently used words
  • Exchange rates
  • Electrical power conversions
  • Local weather
  • Travel warnings

Plan early and give plenty of notice

It can be difficult for some people to organise extended time away from home or family, so it’s essential to give at least six months’ notice before expecting their attendance to a Destination Event.

Guests will also need time to get their passports in order, organise finances, and plan some sightseeing, so be sure to schedule some downtime during the event program to allow attendees to fully benefit from taking the trip away from home.

Hire a facilitator or tour guide

No one knows the local area better than a local, so it’s always a good idea to hire a translator/facilitator/ tour guide to be on hand throughout the event.

As well as understanding the location and speaking the language, they may foresee issues or areas requiring attention that visitors would not be aware of, and are also able to provide insightful information on local customs that can add to the overall event experience.

At End2End Events, we believe that Destination Events should be an integral part of many organisations’ event calendar. After all, they promote a wonderful sense of adventure, inclusion and cultural understanding – and give everyone an opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and see life from a new perspective.

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