Our Special E2E Ramadan Iftar Celebration

Our Special E2E Ramadan Iftar Celebration
Our Special E2E Ramadan Iftar Celebration

Last week we broke our fast with friends and supporters with a special, private Ramadan Iftar, at our End2End offices in Fyshwick.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Muslim calendar, in which fasting is observed. Fasting in Ramadan is practised for 29-30 days from sunrise to sunset.

‘Iftar’ is the main meal eaten after sunset, where people in a community gather to break their fast together.  This year, the End2End Events team wanted to share the experience with our nearest and dearest business friends and supporters. In true End2End Events style, we transformed the office into Dawar El Omda, which means: The Home of The Head of a Community or Village in Egypt.

Guests were welcomed by members of our team dressed in traditional rural Egyptian clothing and offered a selection of traditional juices and an assortment of dates filled with various nuts (which is how we traditionally break our fast in Ramadan).

After 30 minutes of guests socialising and getting to know one another, I welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming, and shared a story of how my first Ramadan in Canberra was quite different to what it is today, as I did not know anyone or belong to any given community. Today thanks to friends and supporters, Ramadan in 2017 has a completely different feel.

With Ramadan being a time of peace, reflection, commitment, sacrifice, struggle and love, there was no better time for me to share a message of love, peace and inclusion with our attendees. At End2End Events, we believe that no one should EVER be alone because we are all human and crave human connections; we see a growing need for all Australians from all different backgrounds and walks in life to connect and get together to share stories over food and drink.

Our guests were then welcomed to sit down at the lavish dinner table to enjoy a variety of traditional Oriental Egyptian Cuisine catered by the Chef at The Egyptian Embassy in Canberra. Starting with a famous Egyptian lentil soup and Hawawshy (Spicy mincemeat baked in Pita bread), followed by some traditional mains, leading with one of Egypt’s National dishes Molokheya and Chicken, Okra Tagine, Beef Tagine with Fereek, Stuffed Vegetables,  Dawood Pasha’s Kofta and Lamb Shish Kebabs to name a few!

We ate, drank, laughed and shared stories and before we knew it, an hour had passed by. Then Kareem, owner and operator of AKA Travel in Canberra, enlightened guests with a little bit of Egyptian history, by sharing an insight into Ramadan celebrations in Egypt and his top travel tips and places to visit when considering Egypt as a travel destination. He made us all a little bit jealous by announcing his upcoming travel tour in January 2018 where he will be touring Egypt and Morocco (which you too can find out more about by connecting with AKA Travel).

Lastly, Zuraida Shelmerdine, who organised the public Iftar feast Ramadan in The City on 10 June 2017, spoke about what it was like organising a Ramadan Iftar on such a large scale, and how people of all cultures embraced the opportunity to come together, meet new people and be part of a positive community event.

We were so grateful to have Zuraida, and all of our guests, share their stories on life in Canberra, their friendships and what it means to be part of such a wonderful local community.

Following the formalities, we said goodbye to most of our guests, and those who stayed longer were treated to our Signature E2E Photo Booth experience, along with a Shisha Tasting at our outdoor Shisha Corner which was set in Moroccan Blue styling with low tables and floor cushions, where guests enjoyed trying out the shisha and chilling out!

It was a wonderful evening and a great opportunity to thank our biggest supporters, while treating them to a feast and creating an occasion where they could briefly escape Canberra and be transported to rural Egypt, with authentic food matched with a country style Egyptian dinner table setting to celebrate Ramadan Iftar at ‘Dawar- el-Omda’ aka ‘End2End Events’.

A selection of our E2E Ramadan Iftar event photos can be found on our Event Page.

We look forward to the coming year and thank everyone who has been part of The End2End family for the last 3 exciting years and look forward to many more exciting times ahead.