My Retro "Obsession"

11 January 2015

I have always loved collecting old things. I like to collect things that are different and have an interesting point of difference between them. Items which catch my attention usually have more than one function. I have many of these kinds of objects in my home and I find that they often become conversation starters. From old artwork to bronze heritage pieces, my collection is influenced by my Egyptian heritage and the European & Middle-Eastern cultural influencers that I grew up surrounded with.

I love collecting things which have a story to tell. I will hunt down the provenance of an old painting so I know the journey it has been on. I love to research the designer of a vintage piece of clothing so I can tell the story behind the design. I enjoy history because it tells a meaningful story.

I share this piece of me with you because it is why I love creating themed events for my clients. When creating a theme for an event, I have the privilege of telling a story with that event for you. With so many influences and information surrounding us, everyone has an interest in something, someone or someplace! I love finding out what that interest is and bringing it out in an event catered specifically for you…the end2end client!

Get in touch with End2End Events to find out more about what interests you and how we can together turn your interests and hobbies into a customised event especially for YOU! Contact us at  1300095123 or fill the contact form below.

My Retro


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