My Brothers' Wedding

11 February 2015

My brother got married during the summer holidays so I took my young family back home to Egypt to attend this special occasion. It was the perfect chance to catch up with family, friends and relatives that I haven’t seen in a long time as well as spend quality time with my family which means so much to me. It was really fun to attend an event that was so personal to me, I even added a personalised touch by designing this decoration item for the entrance to my brothers’ wedding reception. Being in Egypt and at the wedding gave me a lot of great event styling tips and theme ideas.

The feel of my brothers’ wedding reception was very elegant and simple, the venue was right on the Nile which gave us a spectacular view. But it was the little things that really caught my attention. The seating had been creatively arranged to include traditional chairs and tables as well as high stools and lounge settings. The combination gave the reception a very homey and inviting feeling at the same time.

The dance floor was illuminated and the lighting had been carefully planned to change colours to give different moods. As something a little bit different, white ribbons were used instead of fairy lights. This was a cost-effective way of decorating the room that also looked very striking. The music was varied and catered to different tastes so everyone could enjoy it. Traditional Egyptian weddings will often have a combination of entertainment including belly dancers, singers and a DJ. My brother had a traditional Egyptian Chandelier Wedding Zaffa to kick off the wedding reception. He also hired a violinist to play traditional classical Egyptian tunes for us which was a great way to create a lovely atmosphere that would be enjoyed by all.

The food was also very creative with food stations, each with a different theme set throughout a separate buffet room.

Socialising is always a big part of any wedding and I loved the way my brothers’ wedding was set up to make sure everyone had a good time and got to spend time with each other in comfort and style.

My Brothers' Wedding


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