Making the Most of Winter Birthday Fun!

11 June 2015

In May the weather starts changing and by June, winter has arrived! The nights are longer and days are shorter. The weather gets colder so it’s less appealing to do most of the outdoor activities we often associate with parties. But don’t despair because you can fill long winter nights with social activities to keep you warm!

Even better, if your birthday falls in the colder months, you can hold a great party that people will be keen to come to. I got together with HerCanberra to come up with our Top 6 Tips for Kids’ Winter Parties, check out the article for ideas and inspiration, I’ve also included some more ideas suitable for all ages below.

There are many indoor venues that you can enjoy whether you are holding a party for a child or an adult. For something different you can try an ice skating rink where you can get together with a group of friends and practice your skating skills and ‘Let it Go!’ or better still why not organise a dance party at your favourite Dance Studio, Community Hall or in the privacy of your own home. You might even want to take a group of friends to a trampoline park to burn some calories and release those endorphins! Or maybe you have an appreciation of the Arts or you are a budding artist at heart! Why not attend a beading, glassblowing or pottery class which caters for small groups. Or maybe you Love cooking and would love to attend a professionally run cooking class and learn a trick or two from a real-life chef whilst baking a treat or two!

Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday or your own big day, the possibilities are endless as there are a lot of interesting, engaging activities and venues that will let you celebrate your birthday in a fun and interactive way.

Not a fan of all of the above? Looking for something simpler? Then why not go to your favourite restaurant, café or chocolatier with a group of friends…not only will you get to celebrate your birthday indoors but you also get to keep warm and fuzzy too with comfort food and chocolate delicacies…You can’t go wrong with this option… After all, you’re allowed to overindulge on your special day!

We also understand that often the best location to have a special celebration is in the privacy of your own home. Not only do you get to theme and decorate your home any way you want for your special day. Your home is also a more flexible venue that you can shape to suit the size of your event. If you think it could be too hard to organise your party yourself at home, End2End Events in Melbourne can help. We provide assistance with a party set up, decoration, hiring of event props and any extra furniture required and we also add that touch of interior design that you might need to make your space suit the number of guests attending your party. We can also help you make the most of your outdoor area in winter, by adding outdoor heating and a marquee or holding your party in the morning winter sunshine instead of later in the evening. Our best tip about celebrating birthdays is having fun with it! The Queen’s birthday also falls in June … why not take a hint from royalty and throw yourself or your loved ones the royal birthday party they deserve? End2End Events can help you find the perfect venue and theme it to your party of choice. With the ability to help you organise everything from start to end…What are you waiting for?!? Get in touch to see how we can help.

Making the Most of Winter Birthday Fun!


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