Life Is Not Measured By The Breaths We Take

“Life is Not measured by The Breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away” – Maya Angelou

On 25 October 2018, I shared my ‘ My Struggle To Be Understood ‘ story on The 2018 Red Carpet Soiree at The UnStoppable Woman of Purpose – Global Movement hosted by Nella Chikwe founder of Winston Cartier Publishing in Melbourne along with 10 other women who shared their Story on the night and many more Global women entrepreneurs who share their stories of success in business and life.

My Story – ‘A Struggle to Belong’ story is based around the challenges which many migrants go through in the first few years of moving to a new country.

The Struggle is not only to find ways to belong but to also find ways to connect in a new community and to get that community to accept you as you are. The Struggle is deep and requires you to be proactive, Not feel too homesick and Not keep – longing for All that is familiar, including the family that you may have left behind.

The reason why I run events for a living, wanting more People to connect instead of live in Silos, is to combat the feelings of fear, isolation and loneliness that can happen to any of us at any age or stage in life.

My story, the story I shared on the night started with my own struggle to belong in a community that did not Welcome me in initially, as a new Australian Migrant, who moved from Cairo to Canberra in October 2003. To watch the video reel of me sharing a bit of the story on the night, follow this link. And to hear the radio podcast recording with Faye Waterman from ‘A Conversation with Faye‘ on overcoming the feelings of not belonging follow this link.

This year marks fifteen years of a journey that ended up taking me to beautiful destinations and meeting amazing people and most recently being involved in The UnStoppable Woman of Purpose – Global Movement with the release of my first published co-author book.

One of my proudest moments of the night, as a Canberra female-entrepreneur and mumpreneur, was definitely walking down the Red Carpet armed with ‘The UnStoppable Woman of Unwavering Faith’ book in hand.

As an Egyptian migrant, this win was Not Only for Me but for every middle-eastern women who has ever doubted herself and her abilities. Thank you to El-Telegraph Newspaper for writing up an article about the amazing experience at The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose – Red Carpet Soiree and for SBS Arabic for sharing my views live on radio in Arabic.
‘Be Brave, Be Fair, Be Strong and Stand up for what you believe in for this is what being Australian is All about!’ – Marwa Rida

To find out more about The UnStoppable Woman Global Anthology Series and to purchase your copy of ‘The UnStoppable Woman of Unwavering Faith’ book and workbook, out late November. Contact the friendly End2End Events Team on 0415 523 159 or complete the contact form below.