How to find that Special Venue for your next Event!


Of all the elements that go into creating the perfect event, location is definitely one of the most important.

From the moment your guests receive an invite, their perception of what the event will be like is guided by your choice of venue. When they arrive for the event, the ambience of the venue will affect their first impression and mood. And throughout the event, the atmosphere and facilities within the venue will influence their memories and fondness of time spent.

Given this lasting effect on guests, it stands to reason that searching for the perfect venue should be a high priority on any event organiser’s list. Rather than looking for somewhere that can simply “fit” the required number of guests and is reasonably central to those who are attending, it is definitely worth the extra time and effort to find that elusive special event venue.

How to find a special venue?

When we say “special venue” we don’t mean a highly expensive, black-tie-only location. What makes a venue “special” is how closely it relates to the theme or reason for the event itself.

There are many locations that people would never think possible for an event. However, because of their unique attributes, holding the event there makes it both remarkable and memorable.

The key to choosing a special venue is to consider:

  • What is the theme of your event? Which locations or venues highlight this theme?
  • Where could you possibly hold the event that people would never expect?
  • Which venues highlight the culture of your event?
  • Which venues tap into a specific era in time that reflects the personality of your event?

Choosing a special venue

Of course, even if a venue is remarkable in and of itself, it pays to consider logistics and remember that the venue must be functional.

Ensure you Pinpoint three venues that tick all the “special venue” boxes, and then run them through a functionality litmus test:

  1. Can the venue handle the expected number of guests?
  1. Is it accessible for people?
  1. Does it have the capacity for technology (speakers/screens/microphones), is it logistically possible to include technology?
  1. Does it provide catering (and the types of foods you would like to serve), or can you easily organise your own catering?
  1. Is it within your budget?

Capitalising on the “Specialness”

Once you have chosen a special venue that combines perfection in terms of your theme and providing that “wow” factor, don’t let the opportunity to really capitalise on it slip through your fingers.

Visit the location a number of times before the event, and consider all the various ways you can make the experience even more remarkable and memorable for your guests. Think about how your theme ties into the location in general, and how to make it stand out with place settings, decorations, music, fragrance, and so on. Look for opportunities to make the most of the views or the special attractions on the grounds of the venue, and allow time for guests to mingle or “take a stroll” so that they can soak in its beauty.

The idea of a special venue is to capture everything that makes it special and incorporate it beautifully into your event – ensuring that guests feel completely enraptured by the experience and will remember it for many, many years to come.

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