How to Choose the Perfect Event Theme

11 August 2016

Event theming is lots of fun! and something we love doing at End2End Events.
We often hear people say they’re having trouble coming up with a theme for their event; which is really quite amazing, considering the possibilities are endless!
An event theme can be created out of just about anything.

Consider the following theme ideas:

Colours: Black and white, purple, pink, blue, yellow, gold, silver, chequered, polka dot, stripes, fluoro.
Laws: Gravity, opposites, time, seasons, change.
Countries & Cities: Australia, Paris, Bali, Thailand, Morocco, South- Africa, America and more!
Things: Flowers, jewellery, hats, bags, shoes, marbles, balls, cups.
Adjectives: Beauty, divinity, hot, cold, adored, active, bubbly, rusty, radiant, scented, shimmering, useful, terrific, trivial, quirky.
Emotions: love, happiness, cheerfulness, horror.
Food: fruit and veg, cakes, lollies, kebabs, pizza, popcorn.
Fun: Balloons, circus, playtime.
Places: Theatre, Space, Times Square, Seven Wonders of the World, Outback, Rainforest, Under the Sea, Beach
Movies / Shows: Alice in Wonderland, Barbie, Shrek, Cars, Star Wars, Dr Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Titanic, Baywatch, Revenge, 101 Dalmatians
Characters: Mickey Mouse, Fonzie, The Simpsons, Super Mario, Disney, Spiderman, Princess, William Wallace
Sports: Golf, football, Soccer, tennis, basketball, motorsport
Music: Bands (i.e.: The Beatles), eras (i.e.: 70s pop or 80s love)
Time: School, graduation, university, decades (50s, 60s, etc), Roman Empire, Babylonian, vintage, futuristic

Every one of these is a possible event theme, and you can imagine how many more we could list!
If you’re still short on ideas, it can help to look at images for inspiration. You can find a ton of these online through sources like Instagram and Pinterest.
The key to choosing the perfect event theme is to consider the context of the event, and how and why a particular theme will complement it and make it memorable.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who (or what) is the event for?
2. What is significant to them?
3. Does the theme complement (and add to the enjoyment of) the event?
4. Does the theme suit the invitees?
5. Can the theme be implemented and managed properly?
There is nothing worse than a half-hearted attempt at a theme.
So once you’ve chosen your ideal theme, take the time to consider the many ways in which you can incorporate it. Every aspect of your theme from the invitations to the dress code, the styling, entertainment, food, drink and so on should celebrate your chosen theme.

If you need help choosing and implementing the perfect theme for your next community or corporate event, contact End2End – The Event Theme Experts, or simply complete the contact form below.

How to Choose the Perfect Event Theme


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