How to capture an event like an event photographer!

How to capture an event like an event photographer!
How to capture an event like an event photographer!

Great events create Great memories, and being able to capture those memories forever is priceless.

At End2End Events we work with a number of experienced, professional photographers and videographers to capture our clients’ events, so they can preserve the beauty of the occasion and easily share it with staff, service providers and clients.

We wanted to know what goes through a photographer’s mind while photographing an event, and how they manage to take such high-quality photographs. So we sat down with Michelle Kroll, owner and lead photographer of AHC Studios in Mitchell.

Michelle has been photographing for over 26 years, having started out as a photographer with the Air Force. There, she learned the art of absolute precision – a trait that has stayed with her throughout her entire career, and one she now brings to her business which specialises in corporate and event photography.

Michelle has photographed many events for End2End Events, and here we share her Top 7 Tips on how to capture an event like an event photographer

  1. Set the scene

When you arrive, take a number of “establishing photos”, including wide shots of the venue and any important signage. An event is like a story, so you need to set the scene.

  1. Capture the details

Move around and capture the finer details such as décor, lights, candles, particular food and gifts, unique decorations and so on. These images capture the “mood” of the event, so people can remember or envisage what it was like to be there.

  1. Take candid shots

Candid photos of guests tell more of a story than posed shots because you are capturing the spontaneous expressions and festivities. Staged shots are nice too, but try and get a balance of both, particularly during key parts of the event.

  1. Ask permission

Not everyone likes to have their photo taken, so it’s proper etiquette to ask someone in advance if they’re happy for you to photograph them. This is especially the case with kids, and if you intend to upload the photos to social media.

  1. Ensure good quality images

Always, always, always shoot the highest quality you can. SD cards are so affordable nowadays so there is no excuse for shooting low-quality JPEGs. Keep the flash on, as it works to illuminate the subject and freeze action (which reduces blur). To get the best exposure, use the highest ISO your camera can handle before the image becomes grainy. This reduces blur and gives the camera a better range of settings for exposure.

  1. Hold your phone horizontally when taking videos

If you make a video using your phone, don’t hold it the way you would when you talk to someone. Instead, turn it horizontally. TVs and computer monitors are horizontal, so if you film vertically, everyone will be watching sideways!

  1. Be confident

When you want to take a photo, be confident and step up and take it. For example, if you’re taking a photo during an awards ceremony, stand away until right before you want to take the shot. Then step up to the front, take your photos confidently and move away. This not only ensures you get a great shot but stops others from getting angry at you for standing in the way the whole time.

A picture says a 1000 words, and you want to make sure you remember every detail of your event so you can share it with others…and revisit the memory anytime you choose!

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