Event Marketing: How to leverage your Event once it’s over

So much goes into the planning, styling and organising of an event that it’s tempting to pat yourself on the back and call it a day once it’s over.

But, for an event to really add value to your business, it’s important to understand how to leverage it for promotion and use it to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Let’s say you’ve organised an awards dinner for staff, or a conference for like-minded industry professionals. What can you do to make the effects of the event last longer and provide ongoing benefit to your company?

Here are 3 valuable tips to help you capitalise any event once it’s over:

1. Build an email marketing list

Registrations to your event should have captured all of your guest’s details, including their email addresses. Most importantly, your registration page should have included a checkbox that allowed them to subscribe to future updates from your organisation. If it did, you’ll be in possession of a useful and potentially lucrative list that can now be used to communicate with your registrants.

After the event is over, reach out with a friendly email that thanks to people for their attendance. Ask for feedback, to help you create a bigger and better event next time.

Clever email marketing tools, make it easy to build professional and personalised emails that look great and capture people’s attention.

Ensure that your emails comply with Anti-Spam Laws, such as obtaining consent before sending (i.e.: the checkbox on registration), allowing people to unsubscribe by providing a link at the bottom, and not using any misleading subject lines.

Your email marketing list is a powerful marketing tool that (if used properly) will serve you for many years to come. But be sure to stay in touch with engaging content – including information about upcoming events and early bird offers – to keep your subscribers interested.

2. Add value to your Website or Intranet

If guests have given their consent for images to be posted publicly, why not add a couple to your website?

You could also write a blog post or two to share what happened at the event – either so guests can remember the great time they had, or be excited to join in next time.

Especially if your event was a special event or workshop, a blog post is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and allow prospective attendees to see what could be gained from future events.

Try to choose an inviting headline, and keep words simple and paragraphs short. And, if you’ve written it yourself, ask a friend or colleague to proof it before it goes live.

At End2End Events, we love sharing the latest event info via our event management blog.

3. Create Shareable content

Event images make for great social media content and could help you reach a lot further than your immediate marketing circle.

Be sure you have a permission of those in the photos before you post it up though, and steer clear of any images that could potentially damage a person’s reputation.

Memes (an image with words on it) are another great way to showcase the event in a light-hearted, memorable and shareable way…

Don’t wait too long after the event is over to start marketing. People are busy, and you don’t want them to forget you or the time they had. A couple of days is normally a good measure, and then you can schedule ongoing marketing activities (such as keeping in contact with your subscribers or offering new shareable content) into your regular event marketing calendar.

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