Event inspiration from the king of craftsmanship and design

Great design is an integral part of any event, so when I recently had the opportunity to step into a time capsule of one of the world’s most renowned and respected designers – Louis Vuitton – I was like a girl in a candy shop.

Louis Vuitton rose to fame in France in the late 1800s, after working for the wife of Napoleon the third as a luggage maker. He’d left home at the tender age of 13, travelling around France and doing odd jobs along the way. When he made it to Paris, he was given a job as an apprentice box maker and packer, which at the time was a highly respectable craft. It took Vuitton just a few years to gain a reputation as one of the best box makers in town, and he began receiving work from Paris’s elite.

It wasn’t until the age of 33 that he opened his own shop just outside Paris. In 1858, he designed a remarkable new style of “stackable” luggage that had never been seen before. From there, demand grew quickly and Vuitton was asked to design for the Empress of France, Spanish countess Eugenie de Montijo (wife of Napoleon). This relationship leads to introductions to other royal clients who provided him with work for the rest of his career.

Vuitton died, aged 70, in 1892. His son Georges Vuitton took over the company and continued to grow its brand name and product line.

15,000 kilometres away and 126 years later, I was lucky enough to be passing by Chadstone (Melbourne’s massive, glamorous shopping centre) and was invited into the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition. Behind glass, cabinets was an evolution of Vuitton’s designs, with a history dating back to his first workshop in 1854.

As I walked through I was mesmerised by the elegance of the design and the quality of craftsmanship. The aesthetics are so powerful, and it reminds you that sometimes you pay a small fortune for a brand – not because of the name – but because of the quality and engineering behind it.

Like when I had visited the House of Dior Exhibition, I realised that a love for design (whether it be for a handbag, a dress, or an entire event) comes from deep inside. You appreciate the effort and hard work that goes into creating something from nothing; the collaboration with others and the time and attention to detail it takes to achieve perfection.

The LV Time Capsule Exhibition ends on March 21, 2018.  If you don’t get a chance to visit, rest assured that it will likely be back at some point in the future. This very clever exhibition was what is known as “Brand Activation”, with all roads leading to the Louis Vuitton store where you could then purchase their products. By offering people an incredible experience and inviting them into a world where they could share the story behind the name, the store was able to showcase their amazing brand in a way that had people lining up to buy.

Special events come in all shapes and sizes – from a brand activation exhibition to an Awards night, to an intimate dinner to celebrate a special occasion. No matter where the event is held and what it’s for, all events must incorporate two essential elements: great design and a memorable experience. And we love to work with businesses to help them achieve both.

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