Enjoying a Winter Wonderland Theme

11 August 2015

We’ve been hit by some extremely cold weather this winter in Australia. For Canberra, where I live, it has been a normal, cold, crisp winter. The midst of the winter weather has reminded me how much I enjoy the Winter White look of snow that is usually the basic colour to go for if you would like to create a Winter Wonderland Themed Event.

What I enjoy most about winter other than snow! is that events are often that touch more involved, intimate and exotic. Winter themed events allow people to go that extra mile. You can dress up in faux fur or add an exotic winter cape or coat to spice up any winter outfit. It seems that little bit easier to add a touch of glamour to your outfit or pull off that vintage look in the colder weather.

I find winter events to be easier to organise. Winter events are mostly held indoors and the best thing about them is you don’t have to have a backup plan! This keeps things quite straightforward and its quite easy to keep everyone warm inside no matter how cold it is outside! With various indoor heating options, we have on hand these days whether it’s lighting a fireplace, ducted heating, gas heating or electric heating, you can certainly find an option that suits you, your venue and your event. The added bonus of winter events is that people show up to more events in winter because there is not much to do outdoors as outdoor activities cannot be enjoyed as much in winter. Most of all, I like the fact that you can do so much with a winter theme. The prevalence of white is highly adaptable to weddings by adding a spark and an elegant effect to a winter theme you can easily transform your winter wedding into the winter wonderland you deserve!

Winter is also a great time to celebrate Christmas in July. E2E’s top theming tips for winter-themed events are:

1- Try building a large fake snowman by mulching fake snow with water then dressing the snowman in fun, funky items and having him sit as a feature in a corner of the room or event space or even sit him at the entrance to the event to act as a Photo Prop and Welcome to guests!

2- Get creative with lighting options for winter-themed events, try transforming a room with blue snowflake projections and theme the colour of the lighting in the room to suit your taste and acquired colour palette.

End2End Events recently helped out at the Sweet Chari Tea Fundraising Event held this winter in Canberra. The theme was ‘Baby its Cold Outside’ to fit in with the winter weather. Indoors the event displayed an array of winter-themed tables with each business representation theming their own table. Each table whilst different in nature, tied in with the theme in a unique way. I topped everything off by creating an exotic winter-themed entrance for the event. I used fake snow, and a smoke machine to create a foggy effect for the entrance. I used real branches and twigs to create decorations which resembled real trees. I had lots of fun putting together lots of different sized trees. I started my DIY project by collecting different sized branches from around the lake on Sunday afternoon. I then used a special formula to stick them all in place and sprayed them silver and white to match the winter theme. Care needs to be taken if attempting this project or a similar project at home as the glue-like foam is very fast setting and quite messy. This is definitely a project to attempt in your garage! For the finishing touches, I had snowflake cookies for all attendees with a small sticky label that said ‘Have me with some Tea at Sweet Chari Tea …Baby, it’s Cold Outside’ as well as a recording of the classic song “Baby, its Cold Outside” by Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer on repeat. Check out the photos from this event on End2End Events FB page.

It’s not too late, spring isn’t quite here yet. Get in touch if you would like help putting together your next winter-themed event. End2End Events loves helping with all your Event and Party needs!

Enjoying a Winter Wonderland Theme


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