Endless ideas under one roof

11 February 2016

Putting a jigsaw together always creates a great sense of achievement, especially when you put that last piece of the puzzle in its rightful place.

Sometimes there is that one piece that just won’t fit, which can be frustrating when you know what you’re looking for, but it just doesn’t match the other pieces. It’s like the age-old analogy of trying to put a round peg in a square hole.

Finding that one item for your next special event is much the same. It needs to work with the other items to tell the full story. I have scoured the globe to source those unique items that create a sensory experience for your next special occasion.

All those items are under the one roof at our new End2End premises. It’s a collection of cultures as well as that missing piece of the puzzle that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Step inside and step back in time

Stepping into the showroom is like walking into a welcoming atmosphere of interior design. It will take you to a place that takes your next event from a gathering to one of refined elegance.

You may be attracted to a wooden serving board from the early 19th century, or serve wear with brass and gold trimmings. A set of scales from yesteryear can serve as the starting point or inspiration piece for your next event or function.

Fine bone china and soft furnishings can create a French provincial theme where style, fashion and food take your guests to a place they have only imagined.

Persian rugs can be teamed with vintage suitcases for a setting that literally takes you back in time.

Or tasseled cushions, lanterns and wall hangings which can create a special theme that turns your event into a talking point beyond words.

Unique collections

End2End Events loves op-shops and boutique stores as there is always something to find that is not mass-produced. The gems you find can showcase a certain culture or point in time.

I have been collecting items that serve as conversation pieces for many years, now they are available to showcase to my clients at a place where everything is under one roof. Well, almost everything!

While inspiration can be found in every corner of the showroom, it houses just a taste of what I have, as there is always something more to be found.

I like to support and engage small businesses, as they have a better understanding of my down-to-earth approach and desire to see a customized plan come together that creates an atmosphere where people feel as if they have been transformed to a foreign country or gone back in time.

From corporate events, embassy functions and special occasions, to a high tea or a community celebration, End2End Events helps you find what you were looking for and lines up all your event pieces together. We help you find that missing piece of the puzzle to tell your story through your event and create the look you are after – a look that is unique to you, the End2End Event client.

Visit our new showroom and leave with an inspired theme in mind, whilst leaving the rest on us.

Endless ideas under one roof


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