Elements of a Great Theme

21 May 2017

Of all the elements that go into planning a special event, choosing the right theme is perhaps the most important!

Themes help solidify the message you want to share with your guests, and they create the perfect starting point from which to make many of your other event decisions.

You can create a theme out of pretty much anything. It can be a colour, a feeling, or a song lyric. It can be a rock star, a cartoon character or a book series (see more theme ideas here).

What’s important is choosing a theme that:

  • Suits the occasion; and
  • Reinforces the real meaning behind the event

The theme should do the talking for you, so when guests walk into your venue they have no doubt as to how you want them to feel and what you want them to remember.

Showcasing the theme is much more than picking complementary napkins and hanging a few things from the ceiling. You can reinforce the theme throughout your entire event – from the way you write your invitations to the venue you choose, the musicians you hire, the food you serve and so on.

Your theme should be displayed in:

  1. Invitations – both style and wording
  2. Choice of venue – the architecture of the building, the way it feels, and its location (if relevant)
  3. Food and drink – country of origin, colour, taste and presentation
  4. Styling – decorations, colours, entrance, table settings
  5. Entertainment/Speakers – both in who they are, and what they speak about

By ensuring that the theme is consistent in each of these aspects, you are creating an experience where people are immersed in your message and likely to remember it for a very long time!

That’s what we love to do at End2End Events. We believe that quality and detail executed to perfection creates a truly memorable experience. Transporting people out of their everyday lives and allowing them to soak in an atmosphere that you have created for them (for a specific purpose) is magical!

It works beautifully for clients too, as it ensures their guests not only love and rave about the event, but really partake in the occasion and become part of the celebration.

An awards night is not just an awards night. A book launch is not just a book launch. A staff dinner is not just a staff dinner. You get the picture. Every one of these events has a deeper purpose – and that purpose can (and should) be seamlessly woven into every aspect of your event theme.

Need help creating a memorable event experience from an experienced event design and management team? Contact End2End Events on 02 6280 9356 to discuss your requirements, or use the booking form below.

Elements of a Great Theme


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