End2End Events Turns One!

End2End Events Turns One!

11 July 2015

End2End Events has just turned one and I’ve dedicated this month to celebrating everything I’ve achieved and everything I’ve learned so far in business. Starting a business is HARD! So is wearing so many different hats whilst you try to do everything yourself…
The first year in business is full-on! Full of long hours, hard work and No instant rewards. All this makes it quite difficult to stay motivated and keep on keeping going on! Turning One in Business is a sure excuse to Celebrate…To me, it reminds me of my kids turning One and the absolute relief I felt at the time. I told myself back then that the first year is over and things would start getting easier…Mind you with kids things don’t start getting easier they just start being different! With this in mind I know the same applies to business, things will definitely start shaping up in the second year of business and I can’t wait to be part of it as my new Baby End2End Events starts walking…
Event planning is a highly stressful profession with constantly organising and thinking of a thousand things at once! I have spent my first year in business building a great supplier list which surely pays off! In addition to doing my job, I have also been very busy trying to get the word out about my business and gaining the trust of my valued customers.

Despite how hard it has been at times, I’m really glad that I’ve launched End2End Events in June 2014. I am definitely following my passion and trusting in my dream. My belief that it will all pay off, in the end, is what keeps me going.

One of my secrets is that I am a big believer in general and a big believer in networking so I network whenever I get the opportunity to network! Joining networking groups and attending networking meetings is a great way to get advice from business people who have been in business longer than you and who are more experienced in their fields. In business, it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. I do this in my professional and personal life by asking for recommendations and feedback or engaging with everyone I meet as part of my network.

Another secret, which is not so much a secret, is that I really love what I do! I am lucky to be able to organise amazing events for my valued customers and have the flexibility of running my own business. I enjoy Not being locked into a 9 to 5 job and find it easier to know when I’ll be able to take some downtime. Of course, at the moment my work schedule won’t allow me much time off but it is very important for business owners to take some downtime. Having time for yourself and exercising and doing what you love and surrounding yourself with people you love ensures that you will be able to perform at your best.

I have always had a feeling that starting End2End Events was the right thing to do and now I can definitely say I was right and it is starting to pay off!

Check out this video, you’ll see me giving some advice to those thinking of starting a business. But for now, here are my best tips: Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams. Keep Calm and Call End2End Events!


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