E2E Springtime Tea

On Thursday 19 October 2017, End2End Events held its inaugural Springtime Tea in Gardens House of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. Our goal was to hold an event to celebrate diversity and provide an opportunity for inclusion and connection for people from all walks of life in true End2End style.

E2E SpringTime Tea was designed with attendees in mind. Tapping into the beauty of the unique location of Gardens House and immersing guests in a memorable Event Experience through Amy Basnett’s Tranquility Art Series collection and End2End SpringTime Tea table linen design which was adorned with Babylon Flowers beautiful florals to complement the event’s Spring theme.

To ensure everyone had a good time and engaged their senses from the moment they stepped in, attendees were greeted to the magical sounds of Organic Quartet’s Classical Strings whilst sipping on Hibiscus infused sparkling drink and experiencing a Springtime Tea Scent designed by PerfumePlayground for the event.

Then being Welcomed by MC Shane Brookman and hearing some amazing stories from keynote speakers Alma Besserdin and Mali Wilson from The Royal Botanic Gardens. Atlantic Group did a great job of catering for the event and ensuring everyone’s taste buds were satisfied!

In a  city like Melbourne where 180 different cultures live together in harmony every day, we can’t have asked for a better place to celebrate diversity and inclusion, and offer an opportunity for people to come together, connect and break down barriers, experience an End2End Event and relax with Thomas Lorenzo’s Music from the Heart whilst enjoying the beautiful backdrop of The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.