Destination Events: Fiji

Destination Events Fiji
Destination Events Fiji

Welcome to 2018!

We hope you’ve had a fun, family-filled break, and you are walking into the New Year with a fresh air of excitement for all that’s on the horizon!

The E2E Events team are back on board after enjoying a few wonderfully refreshing weeks away. During the holidays, I was blessed to travel to Fiji with my family – and thought I’d been there many years ago, I was again struck by its beauty and reminded of how perfect it is for destination events.

For many Australians, Fiji is their “go-to” holiday destination. As the Hawaii of the Southern Hemisphere, and a mere 4- hour plane ride away from Sydney or Melbourne, the islands offer an unrivalled change of pace (their motto is: Fiji time…no hurry, no worry!).

It’s also very kid-friendly, with activities and baby-sitting services designed to keep kids occupied while parents enjoy some well-deserved “me time”.

Exploring the islands

I’ve never explored Fiji like I did this time – boating around the islands from Denarau Port. I went on mini cruises, snorkelled and met many of the local villagers.

The food in Fiji is, of course, very island-inspired. We were treated to demonstrations on how to open coconuts and watched as a man climbed a palm tree to fetch young green coconuts (used for drinking) and opened mature brown ones for cooking and making coconut cream and coconut shavings.

Seeing the rural areas and farmland (sugar exports and tourism are the country’s main industries) reminded me of Egypt’s rural areas, which I was blessed to visit as a teen.

There’s a very tribal feel as you walk through the Fijian villages. I loved connecting with the village women and learning about their wholesome and uncomplicated way of life.

We found ourselves saying “Bula!” (meaning hello) about a hundred times a day!

Fiji for Events

Fijians tap into events very naturally. Their community halls are a place for people to get together and connect – even though there may be nothing around but a few floor mats. Local events have a beautiful simplicity to them; they are about bringing people closer and facilitating communication between the members of the tribe, just as we love to do at End2End Events.

The ease of access and set up of the resorts makes Fiji the ideal country for destination events, incentives and conferences. Most resorts have a number of function rooms and established brands like Hilton, Intercontinental. Shangri-La and Marriott have allocated meeting rooms and ballrooms with varying capacities.

What sets Fiji apart is its natural ability to take advantage of outdoor spaces, with easy access to the beach and Pacific Ocean shores as a backdrop. It’s a wonderful way to bring in the vibrant blues of the ocean, the greens of the palm trees and allow the scenery to do the hard work for you!

Many couples opt to have their weddings in Fiji because of the natural beauty and highly reasonable rates. To top that the locals are all incredibly friendly and helpful, and have a wealth of experience catering to personalities from all walks of life.

And with the weather (almost) always balmy, there’s not a lot that can go wrong when planning an event in Fiji!

I feel truly blessed to have been able to escape to, what felt like, a different world this summer. We live a very fast life in developed countries, and this trip reminded me of the need to stop and look at life from a different perspective. Fiji transports you to another time and place, just as we love to do with our End2End Events.

So, if you’re planning a workshop, corporate retreat, or conference this year and think Fiji would be the ideal destination, call on the End2End Event Experts in Melbourne on 0415 523 159.

Leave All the planning on us, and we’ll help make the most out of your destination event while you focus on doing what you do best!