Creating long lasting Memories in Events…

11 October 2015

As an Event Planner, each event I plan, I truly want to turn into an amazing and unforgettable experience for my client. This always leads me to ask myself, how can I make that event memorable? How can I make this event resonate with the client and their attendees?

A quote that works well with my approach to planning that unforgettable event is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Have you ever asked yourself what makes an event memorable? What is it that you see, touch, smell, taste or hear that makes you remember a specific event at a specific moment in time? Memorable Events talk to you as an individual or touch you as a corporation. The key to creating a successful and memorable event involves engaging your Five Senses! This helps you visualize and plan a truly cherished event for that special person or that important moment in time for your organisation. It is about creating a Sensory Customer Experience. And who doesn’t like to feel special, spoilt and appreciated?! Making people feel special by personalising the event to their liking and taking care of all the little details makes them feel catered to, thought of and appreciated. From their name or Business name on a well-thought through the menu and personalised giveaways down to making sure a certain flower, they are allergic to is not included in the venue décor, all add value to creating that memorable experience.

I like experimenting with The Five Senses when creating events for clients. I walk them through a storyline by making them relive a childhood memory, fantasy, favourite movie, favourite character or a favourite period in time. I believe that something Impressive doesn’t necessarily have to be Expensive. However, it has to have fine taste and great attention to detail. In fact, attention to detail is one of the major elements that play a big role in creating Magic at events.

What is it that you would like your attendees to SEE at your event, these are the visuals created by talented Audio Visuals or the styling created by the talented team of stylists you hire to set your event to life! What is it that you would like your attendees to SMELL at your event, these are the fragrances that are set to live by beautiful floral arrangement or by location, for example, the smell of the ocean or the smell of home-made meals or the fresh smell of just-mowed lawns! What is it that you would like your attendees to TASTE at your event, these are the delicious meals and desserts and the perfectly matching wines that make that meal shared with colleagues or friends that extra special What is it that you would like your attendees to HEAR at your event, this is the background music you select, live band, speakers or the chit-chat of attendees. Lastly, what is it that you want your attendees to TOUCH & FEEL at the event. This is the interactive forms of interactions we have these days, whether it’s the simple pen and paper to participate in Trivia’s or the touch of fabrics, florals or handmade products and giveaways you have on display at your event down to the feel of sand, water or that relaxing seating arrangement you provide for comfort. Looking into all these minute details and adding all those special touches that come together to add to the ‘Wow Factor’ and bring uniqueness to events organised by End2End Events . This along with creating and atone for your event which is set from the very start. From the creation of that very first correspondence via ‘Save the Date’ which is important in enticing and exciting the senses, to creating Hashtags for use before, during and after the event to engage and showcase audiences during the event, what they are eating, what they are doing or how they are being entertained or by showcasing them simply having fun! All adds to the sharing, caring and creation of memorable long lasting moments at events.

Planning an event or celebration be it big or small requires a well thought through a detailed approach that we at End2End Events take pride in delivering to the highest standard. Get in touch, let’s get started together to create that event you’ll be talking about for years to come…

Creating long lasting Memories in Events…


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