Classy without the Cost

11 December 2014

le opzioni binarie sono una truffa Are you looking to save money on your next party but don’t want it to look cheap? Here are some tips for throwing a party which is Classy without the Cost!

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  • Use actual silverware or silver-plated serving ware if you don’t own the real thing. It’s easy to find nice second hand silver-plated serving ware in Op Shops which you can polish up to add that extra shine!
  • Event Hire companies will hire out silverware or silver-plated serving ware, but this may come with costs and conditions. I have my own silver-plated serving ware which I can hire out to you at a discounted cost, feel free to get in touch.
  • If you are not a big fan of silverware or silver-plated serving ware, consider disposables. The standards of disposable party-ware are now quite high. If you match and coordinate everything, including colours and designs, your event will look great for a minimal cost.
  • Add a tablecloth. The big retailers which are able to buy in bulk often offer tablecloths at a low price. It’s a simple way to add a touch of luxury.
  • Get creative with your venue. You can use your own home or the nearest community centre or local club. These are often hired out at a low cost. Otherwise, offer your favourite café or restaurant a deal and ask for a discount on hire fees in exchange for the publicity, marketing or referrals that your event will bring the venue.
  • Creative decorations. Use items you have at home as a centrepiece or discussion point in your decorative theme. This will add class and personality at no cost.

click Remember to always take a creative approach to decorating your event. It’s all about coordinating your colours, designs and themes and doing it with fine taste. Want to make it even easier on yourself? Send me an email to take advantage of my natural aptitude for decoration, coordinating colours, creating themes and interior design.
Classy without the Cost


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