Celebrating Spring and Diversity in End2End Event Style…

Celebrating Spring and Diversity
Celebrating Spring and Diversity

On Thursday 19th of October, End2End Events held it’s inaugural Springtime Tea in Gardens House of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

Our goal was to hold an event to celebrate diversity and provide an opportunity for inclusion and connection for people from all walks of life in true End2End style.

We also wanted to immerse attendees in their location by celebrating Art and the picturesque setting of the Royal Botanic Gardens. This meant that every element – from what our guests would see, hear, smell, taste and touch – was perfectly planned to complement the theme.

Guests arrived at 3 pm to the magical sounds of our string quartet musicians (Organic Quartet). We also set the scene with a signature scent, created specifically for End2End’s Springtime Tea by Samantha Copland of Perfume Playground.

The venue added to the wow factor, and we received instant positive feedback from guests commenting, “I feel like I’m in a fairy tale” and “Everything is so mesmerising”!

After taking a moment to socialise and get to know each other, we proceeded to the seated area of Gardens House  ‘The Garden view Room’ where everyone remarked on the tablecloth linen, made specifically for the event, by local Canberra Artist Amy Basnett. The linen was complemented by beautiful floral arrangements from Babylon Flowers which further celebrated the Botanic Garden setting and complemented the décor around the house.

After welcoming everyone, we were blessed to hear some amazing stories from our keynote speakers. Alma Besserdin, who runs Wimmigrants Australia, spoke about her own experience as a qualified lawyer moving to Australia and discovering that her qualifications were not recognised. She talked about the challenges that many migrants face in establishing a career in Australia, and the need for both migrants and industry to adopt a new mindset in order to overcome these challenges.

I also spoke about my own journey, coming to Australia and having to establish my career in the early days and then more recently my business, and the challenges I’ve faced along the way.

We also heard from Hatem Saleh of Atlantic Group (who’s Team did a magnificent job of catering the event), and his story of migrating to Australia at a very young age and finding his way into hospitality in a culture which he was bought up embracing.

Following speeches, we all enjoyed a delicious selection of savoury and sweet food that celebrated a range of different cultures. Some of the highlights included braised beef brioche pies, smoked salmon, dill and cucumber baguettes, and an assortment of desserts such as American doughnuts, Australian Lamingtons and European salted caramel Tonka domes. T2 Teas included English Breakfast, Sancha Green Tea, Chamomile and Earl Grey.

We want to thank everyone who came to together to help us create this truly amazing event experience, including our smart MC Shane Brookman who kept the afternoon running smoothly.

In a city like Melbourne where 180 different cultures live together in harmony every day, we can’t have asked for a better place to celebrate diversity and inclusion, and offer an opportunity for people to come together, connect and break down barriers.

To see pictures from the event, visit End2End’s Event Page for a selection of images to be revealed soon, and if your business would benefit from an event that offers guests a remarkable, immersive event experience. Contact the End2End Events Team in Melbourne on 1300095123 or e-mail info@end2endevents.com.au or use the contact form below.