On 29 March 2019, End2End Events officially welcomed diverse Small Business Community Members and Entrepreneurs in Melbourne to an Exotic Egyptian Afternoon Tea in our new home in Melbourne’s Moorabbin.

It was a fabulous afternoon dedicated to celebrating women and men in Business who are doing amazing things in their business communities. The event style was based on End2End’s Fusion Networking, Event Concept launched in Canberra in late 2015.

We loved sharing our passion for bringing people together to connect over tea, food and entertainment whilst highlighting the essence of hospitality Egyptians are renown for. With a tribute to End2End’s Founder – Marwa Rida’s grandmothers during International Women’s month. Marwa shared a story of belonging and what it was like to visit her grandmothers in the small coastal town of Port-Said in Egypt during her summer holidays. The afternoon was a tribute of heritage, culture, community and strong women role models and attracted many diverse women and men in business to connect and share their stories on belonging and how they are connecting with their communities, whilst staying true to themselves, their business aesthetics and what they stand for. With a strong focus on diversity and what community means to each individual, in light of Harmony Day celebrations.

The Team at End2End Events facilitated meaningful connections for attendees of Exotic Egyptian Afternoon Tea. The special event experience built with a purpose of fostering deeper conversations was an event to be remembered.

With culture and heritage being the essence of our existence and uniqueness and what we each bring to our diverse business communities. Endf2End Events would like to thank the following businesses for making this event Not Only memorable, but meaningful too.

  • Victor Alexandre Design for the ‘Made in Melbourne’ Designer outfit as seen on Marwa Rida and for sharing stories on Community and Belonging.
  • Marina Marinella from Marinella Boutique for sharing her stories on Community, Belonging and European Fashion Trends.
  • Fady Abo Australia’s youngest entrepreneur for sharing his story on community and belonging as a new Australian migrant, and starting his online business Claricas Cosmetics at the age of fifteen.
  • Iman Riman from SBS Arabic Radio for sharing her story on belonging and moving to Australia from Lebanon at a young age and what community means to hear and how she highlights various stories on SBS Radio

And finally the fabulous End2End Events team for designing, planning, styling and bringing this purposeful event together and helping make “The Un-familiar, familiar” in End2End’s new home in Moorabbin

“Stand up for what you believe in and never forget that your roots are the essence of your existence” Marwa Rida

One hand alone does not clap’ أيد لوحدها متسقفش an Egyptian saying which 15 lucky business owners walked away with attached to a cultural image of significance framed in a handmade frame, as a reminder to reach out to those in their communities that most need their help.

And if you need help designing your next special event experience to celebrate your business milestone, amplify your business brand and community message. Call the friendly End2End Events Team on 0415 523 159 for an obligation free chat, or complete the contact form below.