Cartier: The Exhibition – An End2End Experience!

Cartier: The Exhibition kicked off at the National Gallery of Australiaon Good Friday, with its doors open to the general public until 22 July 2018. This was following a special opening by celebrity Naomi Watts earlier in the week, who called the event a “powerful experience” and said the exhibition was defined by the stories behind the pieces.

It was fabulous to be among the first to experience this amazing exhibition.

If you like fashion, jewellery, history, exotic design and craftsmanship, you’ll be impressed and bedazzled all at the same time.

The exhibition showcases over 300 unique and timeless pieces and tells the stories of the jewels and the people who wore them. It takes you back in time to each era, delving into the political, social and cultural influences during the period.

Never before have there been so many jewels brought together, custom designed and made for royalty, artists, aristocrats, socialites, celebrities and movie stars from across the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Given that the exhibition took 3 years to execute, it’s well worth a visit!

My favourite part was seeing the design influences from Indian Maharajas and Persian Kings, as well as Ancient Egypt, China, Japan, the Far-East, and many more cultural and social inspirations.

Cartier’s royal style made it the “Jeweller of Kings” and the “King of Jewellers”. And it was absolutely amazing to be in such close proximity to the Halo Tiara, which is on loan to The Exhibition from Queen Elizabeth’s private collection. It was worn by Princess Diana, and Kate Middleton on her wedding day in 2011.

Viewing the stories behind the tiaras and jewels that have been passed down for generations in the Royal Family was breathtaking.

One thing that was clear as I walked around the exhibition was the lengthy Cartier design process. Which reminded me again of the lengthy design process required to execute a designer End2End Event Experience, from the initial sketching of the design, to the designer receiving the brief, forwarding it to the workshop to begin setting the base, then to the jeweller, and on to the lapidarist (who cuts, polishes and sets the jewels determined by the jeweller).

The piece then comes to life as the jewels are polished, with every new design documented with a plaster cast that made it possible to replicate – a method that has been used for thousands of years but became the industry standard in the 20th century.

My overall experience was amazing and it’s SO exciting to have this worldwide exhibition right here in Canberra for the next few months.

If you would like to capitalise on the event, either with a Cartier-themed occasion, a high tea to showcase your own jewellery or even a private celebration, please let us know. We can create a designer End2End Event Experience that will bring your event to life – just as Cartier has done with its hundreds of magnificent designs on display.

We look forward to assisting the Canberra community and Interstate visitors in embracing this amazing global exhibition right here on Australia’s doorstep.

To find out more about Cartier: The Exhibition, or to get in touch with the End2End Events management team in Melbourne, please call 0415 523 159 or complete the contact form below.