My Brothers' Wedding

My Brothers' Wedding

11 February 2015

My brother got married during the summer holidays so I took my young family back home to Egypt to attend this special occasion. Being in Egypt and at the wedding gave me a lot of great event styling tips and theme ideas.

My Retro

My Retro "Obsession"

11 January 2015

I love collecting things which have a story to tell, this is why I love creating themed events for my clients. I love finding out what your interest is and bringing it out in an event catered specifically for you…the end2end client!

Classy without the Cost

Classy without the Cost

11 December 2014

Are you looking to save money on your next party but don’t want it to look cheap? Here are some tips for throwing a party which is Classy without the Cost!

Extend your theme with a Lolly and Dessert table

Extend your theme with a Lolly and Dessert table

11 November 2014

You can apply the lolly and dessert buffet idea to any theme or party style. It can also cater to different tastes such as chocolate, macaroons, desserts or savoury treats. We eat with our eyes and a lolly or dessert buffet provides an opportunity to feast our vision on the treats arrayed.


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