Beautiful Bali

11 January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone…Hope you had a relaxing start to the year 2016!

This year I decided to spend Christmas and New Year with my young family in Beautiful Bali relaxing, rejuvenating and immersing myself in the Balinese culture and the Balinese way of life. Bali is really popular amongst Aussies with up to 70% of Bali tourists from different parts of Australia. It was definitely time for me to join the troops and find out what all the fuss was about!

To start off the journey I was really pleased to find the plane ride to Denpasar Bali International Airport a mere 5 hours from Sydney International Airport which to a lot of Aussies is a really short plane ride considering that travel times to reach destinations at the other side of the world are sometimes over 24 hours.

Needless to say, there was a lot to grasp on my first few days in Bali. We booked our accommodation at one of the fine family-friendly resorts at Jimbaran Beach. The resort was absolutely amazing with various styles of ornamental pools and fountains overlooking the Jimbaran Bay Beach on Bali’s Southern Coastline. The modern convenience of the resort blended with Balinese Architecture and Culture made our stay more memorable. The friendly nurturing hospitality of the Balinese Community throughout the resort made us feel like we truly belong!

Jimbaran Beach is a convenient 20-minute drive from Bali’s most famous resort destination Kuta Beach the Hub of Action in Bali with various accommodation, shopping & dining options not to mention the wild nightlife! I enjoyed roaming the streets of Kuta and visiting the various Art markets and using my bargaining powers to bring home some goodies! Seminyak Beach, on the other hand, was full of villa style accommodation and high-end boutiques. I was mesmerised by the lovely resort wear and Kaftans on display throughout the boutiques.

On my visit to a Batik factory in Ubud, I fell in love with Batik Prints – The traditional fabric of Indonesia which are found in various colours and designs. My visit to The Agung Rai Museum of Art was equally inspiring, home to a worldwide collection of Balinese, Indonesian and European Artists. I fell in love with a food market inspired painting which to me represented the vibrancy and colour of The Balinese culture that this popular Balinese artist depicted beautifully. This was followed by a visit to the woodwork factory where I saw firsthand a Balinese woodcarver at work!

Visiting an original Balinese home was a great insight to The home life of Balinese people who are renowned for their offerings to their gods as well as having a temple inside their home and in every other corner in their neighbourhood! Bali is known for its many temples and shrines which transform into scenes of great activity during festivals with traditional dance performances. Luckily I was able to watch the famous Kecak Dance which is a spectacular choreographic performance that involves a chorus of 50-70 bare-chested men wearing lengths of black & white poleng cloth around their waists and a single red hibiscus flower behind their ears who sit in a circle playing the roles of the cappella choir in the form of hypnotic vocal chants, moving in unison while other dancers enter the arena to present a core episode of the Hindu epic ‘The Ramayana’

My trip to The Island of The Gods ended with Welcoming of The New Year Balinese Style! Jimbaran Beach Bay skies lit up with the sounds and colours of fireworks which went on for over 20 minutes. Balinese People are fond of setting off fireworks as they are believed to drive away bad luck!

I have definitely collated some great memories and artefacts of my time in Bali and can’t wait to go back for round two! Thinking of designing an event or party this year and don’t know where to start? Contact End2End Events at 1300095123 for all your Event Design and Styling needs.

Beautiful Bali


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