A Hint of Romance in a Unique Venue

12 March 2015

I have shared with you before my love of unique and different things which have a story to tell and can be used to enhance an event. I recently spent some time with the team at the Canberra Railway Museum and was struck by the possibility of using their trains as a unique, special venue for special events and celebrations.

I always enjoy using unique items as party decorations to enhance a theme. As I looked around at all the trains I was surrounded by, I kept thinking about all the possibilities presented by a location that is not usually thought of as an event venue. The Canberra Railway Museum has made the most of their unique capabilities and has trains that can be used as unique venues for events. Of course, this makes it easy to theme an event for a train enthusiast like me! The trains I saw were all from different eras throughout history which got me thinking about having events which could be styled to match the era the train was from, sort of like bringing back history or re-telling a story. Some of these trains have a lot to re-tell, being over 100 years old!

The re-occurring thought that came to mind whilst trotting through the various different trains was how the train carriages could be put together, kind of like assembling Lego pieces, to create the perfect venue for any occasion. The train settings ranged from private compartments which can be used for small groups of 6 to more open carriages such as the bar, dining car, dance car and kitchen car which can be used together or separately to cater for larger celebrations of over 100.

There is an instant hint of romance and intimacy when you get on a train which probably comes from the history of trains and the nature of the enclosed space as well as the heritage décor that enhances a lot of the carriages. Trains create an intimate venue for engagement parties, anniversaries, hen’s nights and smaller weddings. For a taste of the events put on by the Canberra Railway Museum, check-out their website at

But don’t forget that while a unique venue is very special, you can also theme your home to make it look extravagant for your event. It’s important to me that the theme of any event is catered to the likes of the individual being celebrated. I love theming the venue to what that individual loves so the entire event comes together, whether I am using a train platform, train carriage or your treasured family home. Get in touch to find out how I can help you create or locate the perfect venue for your next special occasion.

A Hint of Romance in a Unique Venue


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