Extend your theme with a Lolly and Dessert table

11 November 2014

I love to use a lolly or dessert table set out buffet-style as a fun and interactive way to lay out the food for a party. This also provides an opportunity to extend the party theme in a number of ways. I create themed name tags for each item, fill the gaps between dishes with decorative items which match the theme and create a backdrop, drapes to flow around the table or a mobile to hang above the table which again ties into the theme of the party. A lolly or dessert buffet is a simple and easy way to theme your next party and makes the theme interactive for children and adults alike!

You can apply the lolly and dessert buffet idea to any theme or party style. It can also cater to different tastes such as chocolate, macaroons, desserts or savoury treats. We eat with our eyes and a lolly or dessert buffet provides an opportunity to feast our vision on the treats arrayed.

When creating a lolly or dessert buffet, use glassware and plates of different sizes to display the food to best effect. Use a variety of foods, even if you are colour coordinating your items. Finally, don’t forget you can even spice up the way your guests eat from the buffet by providing alternatives to plates. I enjoy using Chinese noodle boxes, or cupcake dessert cases, which are decorated to match the theme of the party I am coordinating.

If you would like my help creating a lolly or dessert buffet for your next party or any events in Melbourne, Canberra and around ACT areas then contact End2End Events team in Melbourne and Canberra at  1300095123 or fill the contact us form below.

Extend your theme with a Lolly and Dessert table


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