6 ways your Business Profits from Regular Team-building events

21 March 2017

The popularity of team building events has soared over the last decade.

With a move away from autocratic-style management and a requirement to recruit and retain creative individuals, fostering a positive workplace culture has become an industry in itself.

There are many benefits to organising team building events in your organisation. Done “right”, team building provides a unique opportunity to save thousands (if not millions) of dollars.

Here are 6 ways your business profits from regular team building events:

  1. Nip sensitive issues in the bud

When colleagues find it difficult to work together, it can fester into a toxic work environment. Hiring a professional mediator or paying for “stress leave” can be a costly exercise.

Well-organised team building events force employees to problem-solve and work together in a fun environment. They remove the daily stresses, make everyone approachable and provide an opportunity for people to see each other in a new light.

  1. Retain your best staff

High staff turn-over is one of the biggest expenses organisations have to deal with. No one wants to invest months into training staff, only to have them leave and put their new skills to work for another company’s benefit.

Team building events give you an opportunity to show (and tell) your employees how valued they are. And when people feel valued, they want to stay.

  1. Reinforce company values

One way to promote loyalty, retain staff and ensure they’re always representing your business well is to help them understand why their role is important.

When you use a team building event to reinforce company values, you remind staff of the reason the company exists in the first place – what it stands for, who it serves, and how they help to achieve that.

  1. Inspire creativity

Creativity is like a muscle – you need to work it, in order for it to grow.

If you want your staff to apply creativity to their daily work tasks, take them out of the office and help them build their creativity muscle. Plan events that encourage and reward “out of the box” thinking, and watch what happens when they return to their desks.

  1. Develop problem-solving and leadership skills

Team building events are a fantastic way to develop problem solving and leadership skills, which translate into better results in the office.

For example, you could hold a workshop which emulates “Shark Tank” or “The Apprentice”, and have staff work together to develop and pitch their own products. Or you could trap them in a dark escape room and make them work together to solve a puzzle and escape.

  1. Improve morale

Happy employees stay. They treat each other nicely, and they look for ways to advance the company’s interests. And this always leads to a better bottom line.

There are many types of team building activities to choose from, such as: outdoor games, conferences and workshops, motivational talks, escape rooms, attempting to break a world record, trivia, large art projects and much more.

It’s important to leave job titles at the door, and not organise anything too strenuous. You want to work with people’s minds – not encourage them to become Olympic athletes.

For the “how”, call us at End2End Events and we can organise the entire event for you.

All you need to do is supply the “why”. The essential ingredient to profiting from team building is to know exactly Why you are doing it: what outcomes do you want to achieve? What problem are you trying to solve, or what benefit are you trying to achieve?

Call us on 02 6280 9356 or use the contact form below to tell us your why and we’ll make the rest happen!

6 ways your Business Profits from Regular Team-building events


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