5 reasons to hire an event planner for your next event.

11 May 2016

Many people ask, why hire an Event Planner when you can just call a few friends or colleagues for help??

We all know how much effort goes into planning and hosting a fabulous event. We usually like to think it’s as easy as delegating some tasks to reliable friends or colleagues. However, when we are trying to host something more substantial than the weekend barbeque we tend to tell ourselves maybe we should have asked for more help or got more people involved. Sometimes we tell ourselves Why did we not just listen to that nagging little voice in our head which said over and over again ‘Hire a professional planner!’
With so many things to think about, a DIY planner might end up missing one of the essential elements for a successful event.

From the big picture to the fine little details, an Event Planner knows how to make a great event come together. Event Planners treat events as projects close to their hearts. They always ensure your steak is cooked to perfection, a wet weather plan is in place, and suitable parking spaces and transport options are thought of way before RSVP’s are received!

When we give-in and surrender to facts that some people have an abundance of creative flair, are super-organised and have a great eye for detail. We know we’ve made the right decision as we feel ourselves start to relax. The burden of running that important event suddenly lifts from our shoulders and hops onto the shoulders of a trustworthy event professional.

Don’t leave things to chance…Here are Five Top Reasons Why;

FIVE reasons to hire an Event Planner:

1. Expect an Event Planner to be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat if required! They are problem solvers and enjoy a challenge. They know who, how, when and where to organise your event. They know the right people and will save you time. They know the tricks of the trade and already have a network of people to call on.

2. An Event Planner has an array of tools to run your event. Have you seen the amount of checklists they use? Their most important tool is to make your event special by ensuring all the stress is delegated and you too can enjoy your event. It’s proven that your ability to remember is greatly diminished when you are stressed. So why not hire an event planner and sit back and enjoy the occasion that has been created especially for you.

3. Event Planners are adrenalin junkies. They love the buzz that comes with organising events and seeing them run seamlessly. They can also enhance the social chatter of your event through the wonderful world of social media. If you want to keep it low key, that’s fine too. They happily adjust to your requirements.

4. Event Planners are People – People! They love working with people and connecting people together is one of their pleasures! They ensure that you and your guests not only connect at your event but have a spectacular time.
A real Event Planner carries the hospitality gene, is committed to excellence and has an innate ability to lead others with a ‘Never say Never’ attitude. They only work with the best reliable vendors and have already established purposeful relationships to ensure you and your event is covered.

5. Event Planners are the first in on the big day and always the last to leave. They always ensure your guests get home safely. They are dedicated, innovative, committed to excellence and always come up with solutions. There is always something different about each event they organise as no two events with them are ever the same!
An experienced Event Planner is essential to survival in this age of connections. The industry is more connected now than ever and no event is too big or small to cater for.
From raising funds for your local sporting team, to organising a black tie affair that connects people who influence and shape our world – it’s all achieved by creating connections through the running of spectacular events.

Of course, there are more than five reasons to hire an Event Planner, we can talk on forever, however we need to get back to organising those events that make a difference to your organization and our community.
Contact the team at End2End Events and let us help you join the dots to your next event.

5 reasons to hire an event planner for your next event.


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